At university students meet people who think differently and have different backgrounds. This helps to open up to new ideas, improves academic skills and develops analytical thinking. Students should be sharing and exploring new ideas at university and there are opportunities to share thoughts and explore issues with people from across the country and the world with valuable skills and experiences.

Friends and families can encourage students to be open to meeting new people, staying only with pre-existing groups is comfortable, but not challenging. It also builds networks for the future with people who live in different parts of the country or the world and can help students succeed in their careers.

Active engagement with teams helps with academic and employment opportunities. Participating in clubs and societies, being a course rep and taking responsibility for organising can be of great help in developing communication skills.

Huddersfield Students' Union is a home to almost 100 sports clubs and societies so there really is something for everyone to try.

University of Huddersfield Taught Student Charter

The University and the Students’ Union are here to support you through your learning experience and make your student life better. You can read more information in our formal Student Charter.