At the University of Huddersfield, we are committed to inspiring the next generation of geographers through our relationships with schools and colleges. We are always looking at ways to establish, build and strengthen these relationships by offering innovative and relevant activities which are of value to both teachers and learners.

Geography Outreach Sessions

A new suite of A Level Practicals and Discover Lectures, that correspond to the Edexcel and AQA geography syllabi, across a range of physical and human geography topics.

Delivered on campus, here at Huddersfield, by our University staff.


Discover Lectures


Discover lectures are designed to assist with learning across a range of geographical themes, that correspond to the current Geography A Level curriculum. Lectures will be delivered by our University staff whose research expertise closely aligns with content in the Geography curriculum. Lectures aim to broaden learners’ knowledge and provide experience of university-based teaching and learning.

Discover lectures will be delivered at your school or college, or virtually through virtual media, such as MS Teams.

These sessions last for approximately 45 minutes.

Email: discoverprogramme@hud.ac.uk

Discover Lectures

Multiple indices of deprivation

A case study of Glasgow's Maryhill Road.

Arsenic contamination of drinking water

What happens when development plans fail!

Indian Ocean tsunami early warning system

The challenges encountered in developing an effective tsunami early warning system.

The sinking city

Exploring Jakarta's vulnerability to flood risk.