We recognise the value of establishing a meaningful connection with students early in the decision making process involved in applying to university. Our aim is to share our passion and expertise around the subjects we teach to help students reach a considered and informed choice about their future study.

Through our dedicated team of academic, support staff and student ambassadors we offer a wide range of subject-specific activities. Whether you’re an individual considering university as an option, or a teacher looking to arrange activities for your students or colleagues, we have something to engage and inspire. 

We have talks and workshops to cover the following subjects: Animation Production, Architecture/Architectural Technology, Built Environment (Construction Project Management and Quantity Surveying), Contemporary Art, Costume Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Communications and Image, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Photography, Product Design and Textiles.

Take a look at our Discover talks and practical workshops below or talk to us about what you'd like to do.

Contact us: SAH.Recruitment@hud.ac.uk


Discover Programme

The Discover Programme is a range of inspiring talks or lectures delivered by staff from across the School.

Designing for People (3D Design)

Work in groups to create a chair design for specific users based on their needs.

Concept Collage

In this workshop, participants will create a series of collages for interior design.

An introduction to simple animation in Photoshop

An introduction to Adobe Photoshop animation features

Fixing Fashion

Learn how to repair your clothing using simple hand-sewing technique

Costume Illustration

Students will create a collage costume design for their chosen character

Making an A5 Photobook

This workshop is designed to enable learners to create a finished softcover photography book

Fashion Creative Direction

Styling fabrics, colours and prints together

Paper Scrunch Minature Environments

A workshop to explore interior and architectural spaces through paper and the imagination.

Fashion Brand Marketing

Create the brand identity for a new fashion label

International Fashion Buying Management

Complete a comparative shop for a new high-street brand

Hand-stitched Textile Accessories

Create textile-based badges or patches with a political or decorative approach

Resist Transfer Printing

Learn how to create quick resist techniques to create images and patterns through heat transfer printing

Mark-making and Designing

Create a series of paper-based designs focusing on mark-making techniques, cutwork and collage

Presenting Textiles

Pulling your work together for a design board

Branding goes Bananas!

Learn the core values of branding through drawing on bananas!

Concept Environments Workshop

Create a series of paper concept environments turning shape in to space

Portfolio Building for Product Design

Develop elements for your Product Design portfolio and interview, with no previous experience needed!

Chairs and Seating - Product Design


In this workshop, participants will look at the challenge of designing daily life products using a hands-on approach.

Portfolio Building for Interior Design

Develop elements for your Interior Design portfolio and interview, with no previous experience needed!

Costume Characterisation

Using a random object as a starting point, students will develop a character, and consider their costume

Patchwork Textiles

Learn how to do patchwork using the EPP method.

Adobe Photoshop Costume Texture Mapping

Use Photoshop to transform designs for different performers.

Photography - Divergent Thinking

Introduce divergent thinking into your work

Digital Print Making

Simulate the printmaking process in Photoshop.

Introduction to Tapestry Weaving

Learn how to weave around a form and understand weave patterns.

Heart Makers Project

Join the Fashion Design team to create your own 3D fabric heart.

Freehand Sketching for Product Design

Participants will develop freehand sketching skills, linked to the concept of Human-centred design.

An Introduction to 3D Printing...

...in Textiles, Costume and Fashion and Blender software

Tie-dye with coffee and tea

Create patterns on fabric using coffee and tea

Monoprinting DIY

The monoprinting workshop will focus on experimentation

Still movies: Photography and Narrative

This workshop focuses on storytelling through photography.

Photography: The 4 Minute Game

An exploration of photography and working with limitations

Sharpie dyeing yarn and fabric

Learn how to use Sharpie pens to dye textiles.

Beyond the Plain (for weaving)

Colour and weave for fashion fabrics.

Expressive Embroidery Stitches

Consider the range of stitches to create an expressive gesture.

Create your own Masked Singer

Experiment with collage art materials to create costume designs

The Home Photographic Studio

Explore considerations needed when taking photographs at home.

Breaking down costumes

An introduction to enhancing a costume's character

An introduction to pattern making using Photoshop

Make simple pattern repeats using Photoshop.

CPD events for teachers

We are keen to develop continuing professional development opportunities for teaching staff in schools and colleges. If you have a particular need or interest we would love to hear from you.

Email us: SAH.Recruitment@hud.ac.uk