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A low cost of living 

The cost of living in Huddersfield is low compared to other UK cities, you’ll also find some of the best value student accommodation in the country.

Here are some typical living costs to show you how affordable study at Huddersfield is. These figures as based on a desktop search of common costs for students living in Huddersfield. 

  Cost per week 44 week term
  Low High Low High
Approved accommodation in Huddersfield        
Single Person £95.00  £200.00  £4,180.00  £8,800.00 
Family (3 bed property) £277.00  £577.00  £12,188.00  £25,388.00 
Food/housekeeping £40.00 £50.00 £1,760.00  £2,200.00 
Travel £0.00*  £7.25 £0.00*  £319.00 
Phone £3.00 £7.09 £144.00 £312.00 
Content insurance £0.00*  £1.22  £0.00*  £54.00 
TV license £3.61  £3.61 £159.00 £159.00 
Social costs £42.00 £57.00 £1,848.00 £2,508.00
Single Person     £8,091.00  £14,352.00
Family      £16,099.00 £30,940.00

When you apply for a Student Visa you’ll need to prove that you have enough money for your tuition fees and living expenses. The UK Government recommends that international students will need to show their first year’s course fee plus a fixed amount of £9,207 for living costs. You must show that you have had the required money for at least 28 consecutive days before you apply for your visa. 

You are classed as a self-funded student if you or your parents or a legal guardian is responsible for your course fees and living costs in the UK. You will be required to meet the financial requirements by submitting evidence of personal bank accounts held either in your name or your parents’/guardian’s names, or in a joint account which bears your name. Download our factsheet. 

The above expenses will vary from person to person according to lifestyle and circumstances. *Denotes where bus pass / contents insurance included in accommodation booking with DIGS Student. 

For more information and guidance on your visa application, visit our visa and immigration information pages.

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